Dont Reload Tabs Until Selected in Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has once again released a new version of Firefox browser – version 8. This version introduces many new features to make your web browsing faster. For example, Firefox 8 has a new feature to prevent loading of the tabs until selected. This means that if the browser is configured to restore the tabs from the last browsing session, it will not automatically attempt to reload those pages until the tab is selected. By default this feature is not enabled, but you can enable it if you want. Here is how :

  1. Open your Firefox browser, click on the orange colored Firefox button on the top-left and select Options → Options.

    Donot reload tabs until selected in Firefox

  2. Under the General tab, you would find the the Startup section where you can find options to choose what to do when Firefox starts. If you have chosen to load windows and tabs from the last session, then the checkbox Don’t load tabs until selected would be selectable. You can place a checkmark in this checkmark to prevent loading of the tabs until selected when Firefox tries to reload the tabs from the last session.

    Donot reload tabs until selected in Firefox

  3. Finally, click on the OK button to save the settings.

Actually this feature was available in previous versions too but only through the about:config page. Firefox has finally realized the importance of this setting and has made it available in the Options window itself.