Hardware Freak : Find Information About Your Hardware

There are so many ways to find out the hardware specifications of your computer in Windows, but most of them either use commands or you have to dig deep down in the Control Panel to use them. There are some third party software available but some of them are bulky and require to be installed inside Windows to use them. If you want to use a portable third party program to find out the information about your hardware in Windows then you can use Hardware Freak.

Hardware Freak is designed by Hanna Nao’m and is freely available to download. It is a portable software so you can run it without having to install it. You can also keep it your USB flash disk drive and always keep it with you. You can download the RAR archive from the Hanna Nao’m web site and extract the contents to a folder on your Windows desktop. Then just double-click on the HardwareFreak.exe to run it.

Hardware Freak

The main window of the Hardware Freak shows different categories around a Start button at the centre. You can simply click on any of those categories to find the related hardware information. It can give you information like CPU name, motherboard, bios, graphics, sound, storage, operating system, optical drive, keyboard, mouse, battery, networking, printers, USB ports and RAM memory.

From the Options menu in the main window, you can select Harware Freak to automatically run at Windows startup and run in background when minimized. Both of these options are completely un-necessary in my personal opinion, but everyone had their own ideas.

Hardware Freak

You can download free Hardware Freak from http://www.hannanaom.webs.com/.