Name Exif : Rename All Your Pictures in One Go

Everybody owns a digital camera now-a-days. Digital cameras are available in so many varieties and are cheaper than anytime before. Different digital cameras store the pictures taken using a variety of file naming formats. Some use a format of DSC followed by some numbers and others similarly use IMG or PIC followed by a series of numbers. If you want to rename the photos taken manually, then it would take many hours if not days to complete the task. But you can use the free tool Name Exif to automatically rename all the photos taken by your digital camera in a few seconds.

Name Exif is a freeware and uses the EXIF information stored inside the picture files to rename them. All the digital cameras store the EXIT information inside the picture file. This EXIF information contains the data like time when the picture was taken, model of the camera used to take the picture and various other technical figures. Name Exif reads this information and renames a picture file using the time when the picture was taken.

You can download Name Exif from its web page at the DigiCamSoft web site. The downloaded files is an executable REBOL script. When you run this downloaded file, it launches a wizard. The first step in the wizard is to select the picture files. You can select individual files or whole folders by clicking on Add Files or Add Dir. Then click Next to proceed.

Name Exif

In the next step, you have to choose the file naming format. You can choose various formats based on the picture taking time stored in the EXIF information. You can also suffix original file name at the end. If you want, then you can shift the time by specified amount as well (this does not alter the original EXIF data of the image file).

Name Exif

This is the final step so choose the file naming format carefully. Clicking on the Next button would start the renaming process. You would be shown a progess of which files are being renamed along with their original and new names. At the end, you would be shown a “Work Completed” message and the Finish button clicking on which would close the Name Exif wizard.

Name Exif

So if you want to rename all your digital photos quickly in one click, then look no further than Name Exif. You can download Name Exif from