Windows Utilities Launcher : Find All Tools in One Place

Microsoft Windows has so many tools natively designed to tinker, boost or configure system settings as you desire. But these useful tools are scattered all over the place in the Start Menu and the Control Panel etc. This makes it hard to find them when you really need them. But now you can use the free Windows Utilities Launcher. Using it you would find all the Windows tools in one convenient place.

You can download Windows Utilities Launcher from its website at Devianart. The download is available in form of a ZIP archive. You do not have to install it on your system. You can extract the contents of the ZIP archive to a folder and run the Windows Utilities Launcher by double-clicking on Windows Utilities Launcher.exe.

Windows Utilities Launcher

In the Windows Utilities Launcher window, you can see a grid of all the useful Windows tools like Computer Management, Device Manager, Disk Manager, Performance Monitor, Task Manager, Services and many more. When you hover your mouse over an item in the grid, you would see the information text in the status bar of the Windows Utilities Launcher window. Just click on the respective button to launch a Windows utlitiy shown in the grid. After the tool you wanted has been run, the Windows Utilities Launcher closes automatically.

In the settings section of the Windows Utilities Launcher, you can choose to start Windows Utilities Launcher automatically whenever Windows starts. You can also choose to start Windows Utilities Launcher minimized, so that you see only a notification area icon and not the full window when Windows Utilities Launcher runs.

Windows Utilities Launcher

So if you need a convenient place to find all your Windows utilities in one place, then use Windows Utilities Launcher. You can download Windows Utilities Launcher from

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