OpenWith Enhanced : Find Suitable Programs to Open Files

I sent my vacation videos to my nana and was expecting that she would really like them. But she called me two days later to tell me that she could not open the video files – Windows did not recognize them. Often we come across such files which cannot be opened by Windows because there is no program installed in Windows to handle that type of files. You can google and find out right application for that file type but an easier way is to use OpenWith Enhanced. The OpenWith Enhanced application is a free program which helps you to find new applications that can handle a particular file type.

When you try to open a file in Windows and Windows cannot file a program to open it, then you are shown a basic Open With dialog where you can choose from various installed programs to open that file. The OpenWith Enhanced application takes it further by extending this list with some of the most popular programs selected by other users to successfully open that specific file type, based on a regularly updated online database. Applications that have already been installed onto your computer are marked accordingly with a green tick-mark. If you choose a non-installed application (which are marked with a red question mark), then you will be redirected to the that program’s official web site where you can download and install that application.

Open With Enhanced

OpenWith Enhanced includes the following several extra handy options :

  • Changing the icon associated with any file type
  • Removing or disabling a file type association with a program for current user
  • Clear the Open With… menu from any un-needed applications
  • Auto-fill file type description for new associations with the most popular ones

In addition to all these great enhanced options, it also does what the basic Open With dialog does in Windows. You can select from already installed applications and you can also browse to select a program for associating with a file type allowing you to easily open your different files with different applications.

Now you do not have to worry about finding an appropriate program to open a file type. Anytime you stumble upon an unknown file type, you can just right-click on it and choose Open With menu and find the right program using the OpenWith Enhanced.

You can download free OpenWith Enhanced from