Find Out if Your Tweet Link is Old

Twitter is an online micro-blogging service that everyone is familiar with. Twitter is popular for sharing of news and messages that we cannot in many other ways. For example, Twitter was the only channel of contact during recent earthquake in Japan for many hours. Similarly, Twitter helped the people of countries like Turkey when the dictators banned all other methods of communications for public.

Information and shared links on Twitter change like weather. If you share a link and if it is fresh, then people pass it forward. But if you share an already shared link, then people would scorn at it and you would get untasteful replies. The trick is to share fresh and interesting links and its easy to find if a link is old for Twitter. You can use service to find out if a link has already been shared, or is it virgin and smells like a new car.

To find if a link is old, just visit the Is It Old web site and and type in the link that you are thinking of sharing with your Twitter buddies. After you have clicked on the Submit button, the IsItOld site would scan through Twitter and it would take a few seconds before you can see the results in your web browser.

Is it Old ?

When the results page loads, you would see if the link is You’re the First, OK, Old, Ridiculously Old, or Dead. It would also show you the number of times this link has been tweeted and when was the first time this link was first tweeted on the Twitter. The following GIF animation shows some of the results I received when using IsItOld web site.

Is it Old ?

So if you do not want to be Twitter’s old links dummy anymore, then you can have your chance using the IsItOld service for free. You can visit the IsItOld web site at