Carroll : Set Different Screen Resolution for Every Windows User

I remember when I was a school kid, I had to share my computer with my sister. She used to change desktop wallpaper, Windows fonts and screen resolution to her like and it was a headache for me to use computer with her settings. Thankfully Windows has come a long way and now you can have separate user accounts for all users with different desktop wallpapers and other settings. But the same screen resolution is still shared by all the users. If you share your computer with other users, then you can have different screen resolutions for every Windows user using the free tool called Carroll. It lets you select and change the screen resolution for any user and change it every time Windows starts.

You can download Carroll from its web site at SZ Development. The Carroll tool is available for Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. The download is available in form of a setup program. After the installation of the free Carroll tool it is ready to be used. The first screen you see contains a list of all the possible screen resolutions supported by your computer hardware. You can select a desired screen resolution and then click on Change screen resolution and restore with every logon as shown.


This would make you to restore that selected screen resolution everytime you logon to Windows. This affects only your user account. Other users would still see the previous screen resolution when they logon to their user accounts. If you instead choose to click on the Change screen resolution in the Carroll window, then the selected screen resolution would be applied immediately.

Carroll provides a simple and easy to use interface to change the screen resolution and change it every time you logon to Windows to your taste. This liberates you from the inconvenience of using a screen resolution set by someone else. If you want to change the screen resolution again, then you can always run Carroll again proceed the same steps all over again.

You can download free Carroll from