Free Decorated Christmas Tree for Your Desktop

Christmas is coming near with every tick of the clock. Everybody is busy preparing and decorating their houses for the great day. But what about your Windows desktop? You can also adorn your Windows desktop with an animated decorated Christmas tree if you want. Drive software is offering dozens of free decorated Christmas trees for your Windows desktop. These great looking trees come decorated with blinking lights and stay in a corner of your desktop.

The trees are actually a program that you can download from the Drive Software web site. There is no installation required – just download, extract the program from the ZIP file and run it. When you run this program, a decorated Christmas tree is shown in the bottom-right corner. You can download trees of various sizes, shapes and decorations. There are around thirty different kinds of trees available for download. If you want, then you can click on the tree and drag it around on your Windows desktop to a position you like. You can place more than one decorated Chritsmas trees on your Windows desktop.

Free Decorated Desktop Christmas Tree

You can right-click on a decorated Christmas tree to see a right-click context menu. In this menu you can set various transparency levels for your Christmas tree. You can also choose whether you want to automatically start the Christmas tree every time Windows starts. You can choose if you want to keep the Christmas tree on top of other open windows as shown in the following picture.

Free Decorated Desktop Christmas Tree

In addition to regular Christmas trees, the Desktop Christmas tree web site also offers snow globes to be downloaded. The website allows you to download different trees separately, but if you want then you can also download all the trees in a single ZIP file to save time.

So bring the colors of this festive season to your Windows desktop and decorate it with great animated Christmas trees. You can download all the free Christmas trees from Drive Software web site at