Kindle for PC : Read Kindle eBooks on Your Windows PC

We have previously covered Amazon Kindle extension for the Chrome browser which lets you read free Kindle ebooks inside the Chrome web browser. But what if you do not use the Chrome web browser? Amazon has come up with a Windows application called Kindle for PC using which you can read Kindle ebooks right inside your Windows PC without requiring any browser. This application is designed for Windows XP, Vista and 7. This is great if you do not own a Kindle ebook device but still want to enjoy free Kindle ebooks.

You can download and install the application from the Amazon web site. The download is around 23 megabytes. The use of the Kindle for PC application, however, requires that you have an Amazon account. But that does not mean that you have to pay for anything. There are thousands of free Kindle ebooks. Just create an Amazon account and get any number of free Kindle ebooks.

The Kindle for PC application synchronizes with your online Amazon Kindle account so you can access your ebooks. If you already have bought some ebooks then, you can access them all from this application. If you do not have your Kindle device with you, then you can read your purchased ebooks through this application on your Windows PC. The program can also be used to read the sample chapters before deciding if you really want to buy an ebook from Kindle.

Here are some of the features of the free Kindle for PC application :

  • Kindle device is not required. Just read ebooks on your PC for free.
  • Automatically synchronizes your last page read and annotations
  • Manage highlights, notes, and bookmarks for your ebooks
  • Search for words or phrases within the book you are reading
  • Use the built-in dictionary to look up the definitions of English words
  • Full screen reading view, color modes, and brightness controls

Kindle for PC

Kindle for PC uses an gallery based system to organize the ebooks purchased by you. You can access your online Kindle library from the Kindle for PC application. Then just click on an ebook icon in the gallery to start reading it. If you own a Kindle device, the Kindle for PC automatically synchronizes with it. This is great as you can buy new ebooks from Amazon right from your PC through Kindle for PC and then read them on your Kindle device.

Kindle for PC is great for ebook starters who want to have some taste of what Amazon Kindle ebooks have to offer. It is also a great companion for your Kindle device if you own one. You can download a free copy of Kindle for PC from