IObit Uninstaller : Uninstall Unwanted Programs from Windows

IObit uninstaller is a tool that helps you uninstall programs from Windows operating system. You can already uninstall programs using the Control Panel tool called Programs and Features but the IObit Uninstaller provides many advanced features that are not present in the Windows Control Panel. You can use the IObit Uninstaller to remove installed software, uninstall toolbars, scan the registry for left over entries and more.

You can download IObit Uninstaller from the IObit web site. It is a freeware and also has a portable edition, so that you can copy it on your portable USB disk and run it from it without any need of installing. Alternatively, you can also download the installer edition if you want to install it in your Windows system. Either way, it would work the same and help you remove unwanted software. It works in Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 8.

Here are some of the features of the free IObit Uninstaller :

  • You can batch uninstall several applications with just one click.
  • Seperate section for removing browser toolbars.
  • Advanced uninstall for scanning registry and hard disk for left over entried and files.
  • Option to create or not create a restore point prior to uninstalling.
  • Option search for installed programs and force uninstall applications.

IObit Uninstaller

The IObit Uninstaller shows you a list of installed programs that it detects on your Windows system. You can perform regular uninstall using the Uninstall button. If you want to performa force uninstall which would scan your registry and hard disk for all the possible left over entries then just click on the Force Uninstall button after selecting a program. The forced uninstall option should be used as the last resort when the regular uninstall fails. To perform a batch uninstall just select the checkbox labeled Batch Uninstall and select multiple programs before clicking on the Uninstall button.

You can also view the installed programs categorized in sections like Toolbars, Large Programs, Rarely Used Programs and Recently Installed programs. These sections help you better find the programs based on the category type. For example, if you can find large installations like Microsoft Office or Microsoft Visual Studio under the Large Programs category.

So if you want a free program uninstaller that can help you remove all kinds of unwanted software from your computer, then look no further than IObit Uninstaller. It is free, portable and offers many advanced features. You can download the IObit Uninstaller from its web site at