Photo Magician : Apply Effects to Your Pictures

Like most of people if you own a digital camera, then most likely you have come across the basic problems of resizing and converting your pictures. You cannot do this easily with the programs like Microsoft Paint that come installed in Windows. But freeware like Photo Magician can make your life easy. Photo Magician is a free program that you can use to resize a picture, convert a picture to a different format and applying different image effects to your picture.

Here are some of the features of Photo Magician :

  • Convert images using pre-defined profiles
  • Resize images by pixel size or by percentage
  • Include sub folders for image conversion
  • Exlude images under certain file size or pixel size
  • Convert all images to one image format
  • Quick Convert Mode Allows you to drag images onto the hat to convert them quickly
  • Support for popular images formats and others including DDS, TARGA, RAW, PCX
  • Auto Updating
  • Upload converted images to popular social sites or FTP
  • Email your converted images to all your friends

Photo Magician is designed using the Microsoft .NET 4.0 technology, therefore you have to install .NET 4.0 on your Windows computer before you can use Photo Magician. You can download .NET 4.0 from the Microsoft web site at

Photo Magician

You can download Photo Magician from its web site at Sheldon Solutions. It is around 2.1 megabytes in download size and after installation you can run it from the desktop or Start Menu shortcut. Using Photo Magician is very easy. Just select the input and output folders. If you choose both of the folders to be same, then original files may be overwritten depending on the options. You can choose conversion settings for overwriting, inclusion of sub-folders, exclusion based on file size or pixel size from the left side bar.

Photo Magician

In the conversion settings, you can also choose to apply image effects like sepia, negative, rotate etc. Similarly, under the options category on the left side you can choose the format conversion settings. Finally click on the Process Images button at the bottom and sit back and relax. Soon the coverted files would be stored in the output folder.

So if you are either looking forward to resize and convert your pictures or applying image effects to them, you can do it all using the free Photo Magician software. You can download Photo Magician from