Volumouse : Control Windows Volume with Mouse Wheel

When I play DVD movies using my favorite VLC Videolan Media Player or the Media Player Classic, I can actually control the volume of the video being played using the mouse wheel. When you turn the wheel up, the volume goes up and when you turn the wheel down, the volume gets down. This is a very convenient way to control the volume without having to open the Volume Control Panel or any other window and settings. You can have the same functionality inside Windows itself using Nirsoft Volumouse so that which you can control the volume of the Windows using your mouse wheel.

Volumouse is a free useful utility from Nirsfot that lets you quickly and easily control the sound volume on your system. You can download the Volumouse freeware from the Nirsoft web site and extract the contents on your desktop. The software is portable so you do not have to install it and you can start running it right away.


When Volumouse starts it puts an icon in the notification area (system area). You can click on this icon to open the Volumouse options. In the Volumouse options window you can choose the mouse wheel rules. You can choose the combinations of keys, mouse when action and the volume of which channels are increased or decreased. You can choose more than one combination. In the options window, you can also choose for the Volumouse to automatically start with every Windows logon.

So if you are tired of opening the volume settings to increase or decrease the volume, then you can make your life simple by controlling the system volume using the mouse wheel. I liked this tool so much that I wonder why Microsoft has not designed it inside Windows itself. You can download Volumouse from Nirsoft web site at http://nirsoft.net/utils/volumouse.html.