DesktopSnowOK : Let Snow Fall on Your Desktop

It is the month of December again – the festive season has arrived. Winter is in full swing and everyone has started to count the days to Christmas and the New Years Eve. The snow flakes have started to fall down from the sky. But if you are living in a place where you are not blessed with snowfall yet, then you can console yourself with a little application called DesktopSnowOK. The DesktopSnowOK is a free software that can show the magical effect of snow falling right on your Windows desktop.

You can download the DesktopSnowOK software from the Software OK website and run on your Windows system. The download is available in form of a portable application so you do not have to install it anywhere. Just extract the contents of the ZIP archive and run the application from there. The DesktopSnowOK supports all Windows versions including Windows Me, 2000, XP, Vista, 7 and 2008.

When the DesktopSnowOK runs, it shows a window with all the settings and the snow fall starts right away on your Windows desktop. In the main window you can increase or decrese the number of snow flakes from 4 to 64. You can control the transparency of the snow flakes. You can control the speed of snow fall. There is a huge list of snow flakes types that you choose from and the falling snow flakes change immediately. You can also choose if you want to deactive the snow fall in case you move the mouse or press a key on your keyboard.

Desktop Snow OK

When you close the DesktopSnowOK window, it is minimized to the system tray (notification area). Clicking on the system tray icon, shows the manin window of the DesktopSnowOK again so that you can change the settings as you please. If you want, then you can also choose to automatically start DesktopSnowOK with Windows logon.

So if you want the winter magic right on your Windows desktop with the snow falling effect, then try the DesktopSnowOK freeware. You can download the free DesktopSnowOK from its web site at