How to Remove PDF Files Restrictions Legally for Free

PDF files are portable document format files, originally developed by Adobe Systems Inc. Each PDF file has a complete description of a fixed-layout flat document, including the text, fonts, graphics, and other information needed to display it. PDF files are the most popular way of distributing documents online because they retain the originality of the document no matter in which application or operating system you open them. Sometimes we come across PDF files which are feature restricted. If a PDF file is feature restricted then you may not be able to print it or copy text or pictures from it. But there are many free online services using which you may be able to remove these restrictions from your PDF files. Here are some of them :

Note : The following tools cannot unlock a PDF file without supplying the correct password in case of a password protected file. If you want to unlock a password protected PDF, then you must enter its password.


1. EgedSoft Unlock PDF

EgedSoft has a whole suite of online PDF tools which allow you to create, edit, merge any PDF file. They also have a tool to unlock PDF files which helps you remove any restrictions on a PDF file. You can visit their Unlock PDF page and click on the Browse button to choose your PDF file. Then click on the Unlock button. Your PDF file would start to upload and in a short time, you would have a download prompt in your browser. This is restrictions removed PDF file. You can save it anywhere on your computer. You can visit EgedSoft Unlock PDF at

Remove PDF Restrictions

2. PDF Unlock

PDF Unlock is a free online service. The interface is very simple. You can choose PDF files from various locations – from your local hard disk, your Dropbox account or from your Google Drive. Just visit the PDF Unlock web site and select the location where your locked PDF file is located. Then click on the Unlock button to start the unlocking process for the file. If your PDF file is supposed to contain some sensitive or personal information, then the site also offers an HTTPS connection to rule out any eavesdropping. In a short time, you are given a download link of the PDF file from all the restrictions have been removed. You can visit PDF Unlock at


3. Crack My PDF

As the name of this website suggests – it is supposed to crack your PDF file restrictions. It can help your remove PDF restrictions for copying, editing, printing and extracting. It supports all PDF files created using all versions of Adobe Acrobat up to version 9. Just like other websites you can click on the Browse button and choose the locked PDF file. Then click on the Unlock button and download the unrestricted PDF file in a few seconds. You can visit Crack My PDF at

Cracy My PDF - PDF Unlocker

4. FoxyUtils Unlock PDF

The FoxyUtils is a set of PDF tools available to be used online through a web browser. The UnlockPDF tool of the FoxyUtils does what its name says – it unlocks the PDF files. You can use this tool to remove the basic PDF restrictions that prevent you from copying, editing, printing and extracting the PDF content. It handles only the files encrypted using Adobe PDF standard and can also unlock password protected files (you have to supply the password). The maximum PDF file size limit in the free version is 50MB. You can visit FoxyUtils UnlockPDF at

FoxyUtils PDF Unlock

So if you are sick of being unable to print a PDF file or copy-paste data from it, then you can just remove the restrictions using any of the above free online services and get your PDF file unlocked. You would not only be able to copy/paste, print or extract but you would also be able to add comments and digital signatures to the unlocked PDF file.


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