Yakfree : Call Toll-free Numbers from Your Browser

Most of the government, private company and public service websites provide a toll-free number on which you can call and talk to them. For example, my webhost service provider JustHost has its toll-free telephone number shown on the website. Of course, you can use your mobile phone or landline phone to call them, but a much exciting way is to call the toll-free number from right inside your web browser. Yes, if you have a simple headphone (with microphone) then you can call any toll-free telephone number in the USA, from anywhere in the world using the free Yakfree service.

Yakfree - Call Toll-free numbers from Browser

Yakfree is a free online service that lets you call any US based toll-free numbers from your web browser. You do not have to install or download anything. You do not have to subscribe to anything. All you need is an ordinary headphone and you can start calling. It does not matter where you are located in the world. This is really good for those who use USA based webhosting providers (for their better quality) but are located outside the USA. If they use their telephone to call a toll-free US number, it would cost them dearly. But now they can use Yakfree service to call any toll-free number in the USA without paying anything. Moreover the service has no restrictions of time – so you can make calls of any duration without worrying about anything.

Here are some of the features of the Yakfree free phone service :

  • Absolutely free service.
  • Can call any toll-free number inside the USA.
  • Provides 2 directories to search for toll-free numbers.
  • Built in ability to call Bing 411 and Directory Assistance service.

The website uses a Adobe Flash based interface. Before you can make calls, you have to allow the Adobe Flash in your browser to access your micrphone device. You can right-click on the Flash app (right-click anywhere on the Yakfree website) and choose Settings. In the Adobe Flash settings, select Allow and click Close. Now you can talk on your microphone and your voice would go through.

Yakfree - Call Toll-free numbers from Browser

Yakfree website has two directories which you can search for toll-free numbers. You can search the Yakfree directory or the Internet 800 directory. You can search statewise, alphabetically or by providing a search term. You can also explore the directories category-wise like Banking, Retail Shopping etc. You can also click on Bing 411 to dial Bing 411 audio service and talk to them for information. On Bing 411 service you can seek information by speaking the ZIP code, City and State name or a business name.

You are not limited to using preset phone numbers. If you want, then you can manually enter any toll-free number using the number pad on the website. If you think an unlisted toll-free number migtt be useful, then you can also add it to Yakfree directory for the benefit of others.

Yakfree is a great internet phone service. Now USA toll-free numbers are free not only for US residents but for everyone in the world – if they use Yakfree. So if you want to dial a toll-free number, then go ahead and use Yakfree. You can visit the Yakfree web site at https://www.yakfree.com/.