Always Open a Website in Incognito Mode in Google Chrome

The Google Chrome web browser has a special feature called the incognito mode. If you visit a website in the incognito mode of Google Chrome, then the history, cookies, cache and other information is not stored for your web browsing session. You can switch to incognito mode using a hotkey Ctrl + Shift + N in Windows. But if you want to always open a website in the incognito mode, then you can use the Ghost Incognito extension for Chrome browser.

The Ghost Incognito extension is a Google Chrome browser add-on which stores a list of websites that you want to be always opened in the incognito mode. If you click on a link of a listed website while in the normal mode, the Google Chrome would automatically switch to the incognito mode and open that link. This way you can always open a website in the private browsing session. By default, the Ghost Incognito extension forces all the .xxx domains to be opened in the incognito mode.

You can download and install the Google Incognito web browser extension from the Google Web Store site. After the installation you would see a ghost icon in the Google Chrome toolbar. If you click on this icon then the currently opened website would be added to the list of always-incognito sites and would be opened in a new incognito mode window.

Ghost Incognito for Chrome

If you later want to remove a website from the always-incognito list, just right-click on the ghost icon and choose Options. This would open the Ghost Incognito extension option page. Here you can click on the Remove all domains to clear the list of all sites from the Ghost Incognito extension.

Ghost Incognito for Chrome

So if you want to hide your internet activities from your life partner or you want to keep secret the video watching history on Youtube, you can let Ghost Incognito help you out. You can download and install Ghost Incgonito extension from