Easily Optimize Windows 7 Settings with Fresh UI

When you have to make changes to your Windows system, then you usually open Control Panel. Some more advanced users may also use the Windows Registry Editor, Group Policy Editor etc. But this involves opening of many windows, going through many settings and clicking through many dialog boxes. If you do not like this lengthy process of customizing Windows, then you can use free Fresh UI software.

Fresh UI is a long awaited solution for configuring and optimizing Windows. It is loaded with hundreds of useful hidden settings in Windows. It supports all the versions of Windows starting from ancient Windows 95 to latest Windows 7. It is a freeware and covers the customizing and optimizing techniques that you will be pleased to know. Here are some of the features of Fresh UI :

  • Customizes Windows User Interface (UI)
  • Optimizes system settings
  • Optimizes hardware settings
  • Customizes Windows application settings
  • Controls user environment with policies

You can download Fresh UI from the Fresh Devices website. The download size is around 1.5 megabytes in size. After the installation, you can run it from its Desktop or Start Menu shortcut. It is free for personal use, but if you want to use it for more than eleven days, then you will need to register Fresh UI which is absolutely free.

Fresh UI - Customize Windows

The main interface of Fresh UI has different categories for different settings in the left side. The categories include Applications, Hardware, Windows Explorer, Windows Interface, Windows System and Cover Your Track. Each of these categories has multiple settings that you can use to optimize your Windows computer.

Fresh UI is a freeware which supports multiple languages. You can select your language of choice in the GUI from the for Tools menubar section. Fresh UI also allows you to set a pasword and lock itself. This prohibits unwanted changes made to system by guest users, kids and curious friends. You can set the password from the File menu. Fresh UI supports saving the settings snapshot for your system. This way if you accidentally do something wrong and mess your system’s settings, then you can just recover the previous settings from the saved snapshot. Again you can access this feature from the File menu.

If you are not comfortable with opening the Control Panel and the Registry Editor and you fear that you might end up doing something bad when trying to optimize your Windows system, then Fresh UI is for you. It allows you to customize Windows settings without the risk of accidental unwanted system changes. You can download Fresh UI from its website at http://www.freshdevices.com/freshui.html.