How to Play Fruit Ninja Game in Your Browser

Recently I bought a new Samsung Galaxy S II Android mobile phone and in no time I installed a new game called Fruit Ninja from the Android store. I got addicted to this game in a very short time. Fruit Ninja is a very simple yet very addictive game in which you have to slash the fruits being tossed – like a Ninja would do with his sword. All kinds of fruits are tossed in the air – bananas, melons, kiwifruit, oranges etc. But once in a while, a bomb is tossed up and you have to avoid slashing it. I thought it would be fun to have the same game on my personal computer. I was lucky to find that Fruit Ninja Frenzy, a Facebook edition of original Fruit Ninja, is available for free as an app in Facebook.

You too can visit the HalfBrick page on the Facebook to add the Fruit Ninja Frenzy app to your Facebook account. As soon as you have added the app, you would be able to visit the app from your Facebook homepage. The Fruit Ninja Frenzy app takes some time to download. Once the app is finished loading, you can slash the melon fruit to start the game.

Fruit Ninja Frenzy

Although both games are designed by the HalfBrick company, there is a difference between the original Fruit Ninja and the Fruit Ninja Frenzy. In the Fruit Ninja classic game, you keep slashing fruits and if you miss three times or you slash a bomb then the game is over. In the facebook edition – Fruit Ninja Frenzy game, you are given 60 seconds to slash through the fruits. You have to avoid slashing bombs and ice. If you slash the ice, then the screen would freeze in the game for a few seconds and you would get negative points. If you slash the bomb, then it would also give you negative points. Of course, you can share your score proudly with the rest of the world on Facebook.

So if you want to enjoy the Fruit Ninja game in your web browser and have endless hours of enjoyment, then just add the Fruit Ninja Frenzy app in Facebook.You can visit the Fruit Ninja app webpage at