How to Get Google Doodle on T-Shirt, Mug or Skateboard

Everybody knows what a Google Doodle is. Google often celebrates special occasions like holidays, anniversaries etc. by placing a special logo on its homepage – this logo is called Doodle. Google also organizes an annual event called Doodle4Google where people all over the world participate in a Doodle design contest and win prizes. Starting from the first Doodle in 1998, Google has done over a thousand Doodles so far. If you have fallen in love with a Google Doodle, then you can show it off by having it printed on your T-shirt, mugs, skateboards, bags and more. Here is how :

  1. Visit Google Doodles webpage where you can browse all the Doodles that Google has done so far. You can browse them by country, year and month. On the left side of the Google Doodles page, you would find a link labeled Google Doodle Store. Click on this link to visit the Google Doodle Store which is powered by Zazzle.

    Google Doodle Store

  2. On the Zazzle Doodle Store, you can look for all kinds of products like clothing, posters, mugs, postage stamps, skateboards, canvas bags and other accessories with Google Doodle printed on it. Just choose a category from the left side menu and you can find a product that you may like.

    Google Doodle Store

  3. You can browse the products by category or you can browse the doodles by year. Both ways you can select different products and doodle on it. When you have found a product that you like, just click on it and it would take you to a page where you can customize that product and then buy it. For a T-shirt, you get to choose the shirt size and quantity. In the product view you can look at the product from various angles with different models wearing it as shown in the picture below :

    Google Doodle Store

The Google Doodle store is going to be heaven like for Google Doodle lovers and geeks alike. If you have a geek friend or someone who just loves doodles, then you can buy a doodles gift from this store. You can also get a 20% discount on all Doodle products by using the coupon code GOOGLEDOODLE when you checkout at Zazzle Google Doodle store. You can visit the Google Doodle page at Alternatively, you can directly visit the Zazzle Doodle store by navigating to

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