Send To Kindle : Send Documents from Your PC to Kindle

Amazon’s Kindle is a popular device for reading, buying and downloading electronic books, newspapers, magazines and more. You can use it to read items downloaded from the Amazon Kindle store. But what if you want to read a document that exists on your PC or on the internet, on your Kindle device. Until now it was not possible to do this, but now you can transfer any supported document from your PC or web browser to your Kindle device using the Send to Kindle application.

Send to Kindle for PC is a free application (and browser extension) that lets you easily send your personal documents to your Kindle devices and supported Kindle reading applications from your personal computer or web browser. Using the Send to Kindle for web browser, you can easily send any webpages or online documents to your Kindle device from the comfort of your web browser. The PC version of Send to Kindle can be used to store your personal documents in your Kindle Library in the Amazon Cloud and download them conveniently to your Kindle device and supported Kindle reading applications when connected wirelessly.

It supports a variety of documents including Microsoft Word (.DOC), Microsoft Word (.DOCX), TXT (.TXT), RTF (.RTF), JPEG (.JPEG, .JPG), GIF (.GIF), PNG (.PNG), BMP (.BMP) and PDF (.PDF).

The Send to Kindle browser extension is available for Firefox and Chrome. The application version of Send to Kindle is available for Mac and Windows. The Windows edition of Send To Kindle supports Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8. You can download the setup installer from the Amazon website and install it on your Windows system. The download is around 5 megabytes in size. Once you have installed it on your Windows computer, you are ready to use it. Just right-click on any supported document and choose Send to Kindle from the context-menu as shown in the picture below :

Send to Kindle

This would cause the Send to Kindle screen to appear. In this window you can select the title and author of the document that you are uploading. In the delivery options, you can choose a kindle device registered to your Amazon account. You can send the document for free if you are on a Wi-Fi connection, otherwise you need to use the Whispernet network which is not free. Finally, click on the Send button to start sending the document.

Send to Kindle

You can also send a document in another way. Open that document in its usual program, and choose to print that document from within its program. For example, open a Word Document in Microsoft Word and then choose to print it. In the Print dialog, choose the Send to Kindle printer and print. This would automatically convert that document into PDF format and send to your registered Kindle device. The following picture shows the printer setup dialog of Mozilla Firefox.

Send to Kindle

The browser extension version of the Send to Kindle is great for sending almost anything visible in your web browser to your Kindle device. After installing the Send to Kindle extension in your web browser (it supports only Firefox and Chrome), you have to sign-in to your Kindle account. Then you can click on the Kindle icon in your web browser on any webpage to quickly convert it into a PDF file and send to your Kindle device. This extension works wonders on the Project Gutenberg website which hosts the largest collection of legally free e-books in the world. You can just open any of these e-books and send to your Kindle right from your web browser.

Send to Kindle

Conclusion: If you were feeling frustrated about not being able to read your personal documents from your PC on your Kindle device, then worry no more. You can use the Send To Kindle application to send all your documents to your Kindle readers and store them in your Amazon library. The web browser extension of the Send to Kindle turns your Kindle into an ultimate reading platform, as it allows you to send almost anything visible in your web browser to your Kindle device at the click of a button.

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