How to Replay Youtube Videos Again and Again

Chances are high that you have a favorite Youtube video, that you want to watch over and over again. There are some dance videos and music videos that we all like to play and shake our hips to the tunes. Youtube natively does not provide this functionality but there is a third party website called InfiniteLooper which can help you loop a Youtube infinitely – that is until you stop it to replay manually. Using InfiniteLooper is very easy. You can follow these easy steps to play a Youtube video over and over again :

  1. First of all you have to find a video that you want to play again and again. When you have found a video, click on the Share button shown under the video. Then choose the Long link option from the list of options as shown. Then copy the link from the text box. The link would be in the format

    Replay Youtube videos infinitely

  2. Next, point your web browser to the InfiniteLooper website. You would see a plain and simple search box. Paste the long URL link of the Youtube video, that you copied in the first step into this search box. Then click on the Search button as shown.

    Replay Youtube videos infinitely

  3. The Youtube video starts playing in the webpage that opens. You would see a regular Youtube video same as on the Youtube website. Additionally, there is a time selection slider bar at the bottom. By default, the whole video would replay infinitely, but you can also choose a portion to be replayed. In the slider bar, you can select the starting and ending time points of the video that you want to loop again and again.

    Replay Youtube videos infinitely

So if you enjoy a Youtube video very much and want to replay it again and over again, then just head over to the InfiniteLooper website. You can also find the trending Youtube videos that other people are looping infinitely on this site. You can visit the InfiniteLooper website at

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