Largest File Finder : Find 100 Biggest Files on Hard Disk

If you often wonder how you hard disk is being utilized and if you are puzzled about all of your free hard disk space getting vanished, then you should try the Largest File Finder. The freeware Largest Files Finder finds the hundred largest files on your hard disk or within multiple sub-directories. Once you start Largest Files Finder, the software automatically scans your hard drive and shows you the top hundred biggest files on your hard disk.

For each file, you see information about the file name, full folder path, file size and date of last modification in the top hundred largest files list. If you need more free disk space, simply run that freeware and see what files can be deleted to get more free disk space. This way Largest File Finder can be used to get rid of unwanted large files taking up your hard disk space and free up space for other things.

Largest File Finder is a simple portable application designed for Windows. The application download is only 423 kilobytes and you can run it without having to install it. Upon starting up, this application automatically starts to scan your hard disks for largest files. At any instant, you can see the top hundred largest size files on the hard disks.

Largest File Finder

You can click on the stop button at the top-right of the corner any time to stop the scanning process. You can then click on the Browse button to open a folder or disk drive to scan only that folder or disk drive for largest files. As soon as you select a folder, it would start scanning it and enlist the top 100 largest files. The time taken to finish scan depends upon your computer hardware and the number of files on your hard disk.

So if you want to know which few files are taking up the space on your hard disk, then give Largest File Finder a try. You can download Largest File Finder from