Open Any Link in the Private Browsing Mode in Firefox

The private browsing mode of Firefox lets you visit websites in an incognito mode and does not store any history, cookies or other files permanently on your hard disk – helping you keep your private life, private. As soon as you close the private mode browser window, all the files related to that session are erased. Usually you have to open a private browsing mode and then type in the web site address to open that site. But now you can open any link on a website opened in the normal mode of the Firefox browser, in a private mode window. This is accomplished using a Firefox extension called Open in Private Browsing Mode.

You can use the ‘Open in Private Browsing Mode’ extension to right-click on a link and instantly open it in the private browsing mode of Firefox. You can also right-click anywhere in the regular browser window to quickly open private browsing mode using the context-menu. Once you open the private browsing mode, the normal window automatically closes down.

After the installation of the extension, you can immediately start to use the Open in Private Browsing Mode extension as it does not require you to restart the Firefox browser. After the installation is finished, you would notice a new item in the right-click context menu. When you click on a link on any website, you would find Open link in private browsing mode in the context menu. Obviously, you have to select this item to open the selected link in the private mode.

Open Any Link in the Private Browsing Mode

Similarly, when you click anywhere on an empty area in a web page, you can select the Open Private Browsing Mode to start a new private mode Firefox window. Obviously you can also open a new private mode window using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+ Shift + P or from the Firefox menubar Tools → Start Private Browsing Mode.

The ‘Open in Private Browsing Mode’ extension does not have options to set. It is a very easy and simple add-on to help you open any link into a private browsing mode, saving you from the trouble of copy-pasting links. You can download and install this add-on from…/open-private-browsing/.