ReminderFox : Manage Reminders in Firefox

These days, everyone keeps a mobile phone and all mobile phones have a calendar tool where you can manage your events and todo lists. Google Calendar also offers a similar feature where you can manage events and keep reminders. But if you are an avid Firefox user, then the best tool for you is ReminderFox. It is a Firefox extension using which you can manage reminders and todo lists.

ReminderFox supports all the latest versions of Mozilla Firefox. It displays and manages lists of reminders and todo’s. ReminderFox makes sure you remember all of your important dates via easy-to-use lists, alerts, and alarms, right in your browser without the need for a separate calendar program. You can use it to remember all of your important dates and events (birthdays, anniversaries, bills, etc) right in your browser without having to run a separate calendar or reminder application.

You can download and install the ReminderFox extension in Firefox browser and after a restart of Firefox, you would be able to use it. You would notice a new icon at the bottom-right corner of your Firefox browser. You can click on this icon to open the ReminderFox window as shown in the following picture :


In this ReminderFox window you can view, delete and add new reminders. To add a new reminder, just click on the Add Reminder button. First of all, type in a suitable description for the reminder. Then choose the time period in which the reminder would be shown – typically, you have to add a starting and ending date and whether reminder is to be shown all day or in a specific time. Then choose whether the event is to be repeated, whether you want to show a popup and for how long. Also choose if the event is important. Finally, click on the OK button to create the reminder event.


Similarly, you can add a ToDo alert. For this you have to click on the Add ToDo button under the ToDo’s tab in the ReminderFox window. After you have successfully added a reminder, ReminderFox takes care of the rest. It would show you reminders and popups at the right time. It stays dormant until it is needed. Then it displays an alert in the statusbar of Mozilla Firefox when an alert of event is reached.

The ReminderFox extension for Firefox can be a very useful when you are at work and need to use Mozilla Firefox browser. It can display reminders and ToDo’s in a variety of ways. You are also able to synchronize your reminders using an FTP or WebDAV network – this way you can keep reminder at home, office or other places in sync. So if you keep forgetting things and need a nice reminder tool for Firefox, then look no further than the ReminderFox extension. You can download and install this extension from