Avira Free Mac Security : Protect Your Mac from Malware

There was a time when only Microsoft Windows operating system was the primary target of malware authors. Now times have changed and malware authors have shifted their focus to other operating systems like Apple Mac and Google Android too. According to a report more than sixty new malware were found in the last quarter of year 2011 alone. Despite this rapid growth of Mac malware in the recent times, many Mac users are still not protecting themselves from the threat. Now you can get free protection against malware on Mac using the Avira Free Mac Security.

Avira Free Mac Security contains the award-winning malware detection (same as the Avira Internet Security for Windows). Unlike Avira Free Antivirus for Windows, which is free only for personal use, the Avira Free Mac Security is free for everyone – private consumers, professionals and even businesses. On top of that, it does not even show any advertisement of any kind – making it a truly free security application.

You can download Avira Free Mac Security from the Avira website. The download is in form of a PKG file and the download file size is around 92 megabytes which might take a while to complete on slower connections. Just double-click on the downloaded file to start the installation. After the installation is finished, it starts to connect to the internet and perform an update for virus definitions. After the update, you should be protected from all kinds of malware and other threats. The real-time protection feature scans all files on access to make sure no malware sneaks onto your system.

Avira Free Mac Security

Immediatelty after the installation, you can launch the Avira Free Mac Security from its shortcut and choose to either perform a quick or full scan for malware on your system. The quick scan searches only the most vulneable areas of your Mac for malware while the full scan does a comprehensive scan of your entire hard disk. The found malware is automatically cured or put into quarantine. You can check the Quarantine & Logs for all the quarantined items.

Avira Free Mac Security

You can also schedule a scan for malware in the Avira Free Mac Security. Just click on the Scheduler on the left side and you can set the schedule scans. You have to choose the type of scan – quick, full or custom. Then you have to pick a time or frequency to perform the scan. You can choose to scan every week, every day or after a specified number of days. You can also pick a time for performing the scan. You should choose a time when you are not so busy using your Mac.

Avira Free Mac Security can be installed on Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and above. It is completely free of charge and does not hog your system resources or makes it slow. If you want to keep your Mac free from viruses, malware or other threats then just install Avira Free Mac Security and continue to enjoy your Mac. You can download it from http://www.avira.com/en/avira-free-mac-security.