Digicam Photo Recovery : Recover Deleted Photos

Digital cameras are cheaper today than never before. You can easily get a 10 megapixel digital camera from anywhere like walmart for very cheap. All of these cameras have the ability to view and delete photos so that you can remove photos which you do not like. But what if you accidentally delete some photographs that you do not wanted to delete? Do not worry, Digicam Photo Recovery can help you recover your deleted photos from your digital camera.

Digicam Photo Recovery is a handy and reliable freeware utility designed to enable you to recover deleted photos from your digital cameras. You can get your pictures back in a short time. You can restore accidentially deleted pictures and never lose them again. In addition, it can also erase deleted pictures from your digital cameras in such a way that nobody can recover them.

You can download Digicam Photo Recovery from its aliensign software web site. The download is available in form of a setup installer. The download file size is only 450 kilobytes. You need to plug in your digital camera to your computer using a USB cable before you can run the Digicam Photo Recovery. When you run it, it would connect to the internet to check for updates. Your memory card of your digital camera would appear as a removable drive in your computer. You would be able to select this removable drive from the drop down list box in the Digicam Photo Recovery software as shown :

Digicam Photo Recovery

After selecting the right removable drive, all you have to do is click on the Recover button. It would ask you to choose a folder where you want to save the recovered files. You should choose a folder on a different disk drive like on your hard disk. After this Digicam Photo Recovery would go through each sector of your selected removable drive to scan for any deleted photos and place the recovered photos in your chosen destination folder.

Digicam Photo Recovery is a small and fast application to recover any deleted photos from your digital cameras. It can also help your recover deleted photos from any removable USB drives like USB sticks. If you are a professional photographer or a photographing enthusiast, you should always keep it installed on your computer for one of those days. You can download it from http://www.aliensign.com/.