Convert Documents to ePub Format for Free

The ePub format is a popular format for ebooks on a variety of devices like iPad, iPhone, iPod, Sony Reader, BeBook, Nook, Kobo, Kindle and more. Some of the mobile devices use only J2ME and have the capability to read only the ePub files. So there is a high chance that your mobile phone supports reading the ePub documents even if it cannot read the Adobe PDF or Microsoft Office documents. So why not convert all your documents into the ePub format and read them on your ebook reader or mobile phone? You can convert all kinds of popular documents into the ePub format using the free Calibre application.

Calibre is an open-source multi-platform e-book library management application which supports conversion of many different formats of documents into a large number of formats including the ePub format. The conversion engine has lots of powerful features. It can rescale all font sizes, ensuring the output e-book is readable no matter what font sizes the input document uses. It can automatically detect and create book structure, like chapters and table of contents. You can download and install it from its website. The download is provided for all the platforms it supports – Windows, Linux and Mac. The download size for the Windows setup installer is around 50 megabytes.

After the installation, you can run Calibre from its desktop shortcut. In the Calibre window, click on the Add books icon in the toolbar and choose the documents you want to convert. These document(s) should be added in the Calibre library before they can be converted. Calibre supports a large number of input document formats including Microsoft Office documents, PDF documents, plain text and many more formats.

Convert Documents to ePub format with Calibre

Next, select the document you want to convert from the list in the Calibre library and click on the Convert books icon in the toolbar. This would open the conversion window where you can select various settings for output. Make sure the output format at the top-right is selected to be epub. You can also select various other settings like metadata, front page, fonts, table of contents and more. Finally, click on the OK button to start the conversion process.

Convert Documents to ePub format with Calibre

After the conversion is over, you can find the ePub books in the Calibre library folder on your hard disk. By default, this folder is located at %userprofile%My DocumentsCalibre Library. Here you would find separate folders for separate books. Each folder contains all the formats for that book, making it very easy for you to locate the ePub format of an ebook.

So if you are frustrated that your mobile only supports the ePub format and you cannot read the PDF documents on it, then do not worry. Just grab a copy of free Calibre application and convert all your documents into the ePub format for free. You can download Calibre e-book manager from its website at