Manage Cookies with Cookie Controller in Mozilla Firefox

Most of the websites store cookies in your browser to give you a better user experience. These cookies can be used to store your login information so that you do not have to login over and over again, store your preferences so that a website always shows up just like you want it and more. But sometimes cookies are also used for tracking your internet browsing behavior – which is a privacy concern for every internet user. You can choose to reject or accept cookies on any website you want, using the Cookie Controller extension in Mozilla Firefox.

Cookie Controller is a Firefox add-on that helps you turn on and off cookie permissions with the click of a button. You can toggle cookie permissions for a particular website or globally (which would affect all the sites opened in Firefox). You can also manage cookie permissions and customize them to suit your needs. You can browse the cookies stored on your computer by different websites and choose to keep or delete them as you wish.

You can install Cookie Controller add-on from the Mozilla’s add-on website. After the browser restart, you can use the Cookie Controller. Though the author of the add-on says that buttons would show up in the add-on bar at the bottom, yet they might or might now show up. If the buttons do not show up, then you can customize the add-on bar and drag-and-drop the Cookie Controller buttons on to the add-on bar.

Cookie Controller

Clicking on the Cookie Controller button instantly toggles on or off the cookie permissions globally. If you right-click on this button then you can choose various options from the context menu like managing cookies, exceptions, removing session cookies or removing all cookies etc. You can access this menu from the Firefox menybar as well (Tools → Cookie Controller). If you select Cookies from the context menu, then it would open a cookie management window where you can browse cookies stored by different websites, remove selected cookies or remove all the stored cookies.

Cookie Controller

So if you feel the need of controlling the cookies in your Firefox web browser, then just go ahead and install the Cookie Controller extension. Not only it helps in toggling on and off the cookies, but it also helps you manage and view all the cookies stored in your Firefox browser. You can download Cookie Controller extension from Mozilla extensions website at