CopyTrans Manager : Free iTunes Alternative for iPod and iPhone

Apple has revolutionized the way we buy and listen to the music. Now everybody seems to carry their music collection in an iPad, iPod or iPhone device. Although you can use iTunes for managing, adding or deleting music from your collection on these devices, but there is a free alternative called CopyTrans Manager which can provide you more features and a better way of managing your music collection on these devices.

CopyTrans Manager is a powerful and free application that lets you manage your iPod without the need for iTunes, providing a very effective way to transfer data on the device. CopyTrans Manager is an advanced iPod manager which relies on a very clean and straightforward interface that displays the iPod content, including songs and playlists, albums and artists. Here are some of the key features of CopyTrans Manager :

  • Ultra light, fast and portable alternative iPod, iPhone, iPod Touch manager
  • Take control of iPod, iPhone, iTouch without iTunes
  • Add songs to iPod, create and edit playlists from any computer
  • Can be installed on iPod to manage music on-the-go
  • Play iPod music directly on any computer

You can download the CopyTrans Suite from the CopyTrans website. In the installer you have to choose for the CopyTrans Managaer module to download and install this module. Once installed, the CopyTrans Manager can be launched from the Desktop shortcut. You can also download the portable edition of the CopyTrans Manager which does not require installation. Once launched, you will see a message telling you that it is safe to connect an iPod or iPhone. Plug in your device and wait for it to be detected. The program will display the current music contents of your device.

CopyTrans Manager

Now you can drag and drop any MP3 or MP4 files from your computer to your iPod or iPhone device. The selected files would automatically be transferred to your connected device. You can double-click on any track to play it on your computer. For deleting a track, all you have to do is select a track and press the Delete key on your keyboard.

So if you want to manage your iPod or iPhone music collection without using the iTunes, then you can check CopyTrans Manager out. You can download CopyTrans Manager from its website at