Shutdown Windows When Computer is Not Being Used

We often leave computer on for a long duration of time even if we are not using it. This results in waste of electricity and also may shorten the life your computer hardware. It would be better if your computer could determine that it is not being used and automatically turn itself off. You can automatically shutdown Windows when computer is not being used using the freeware application AllOff Lite.

AllOff Lite monitors the mouse, keyboard and CPU load and initiates computer power off or hibernation if there has been no keyboard or mouse activity for 900 seconds and/or the average CPU load has been below 15% for over 60 seconds. A fixed shutdown time or a time after which shutdown occurs can be set which will override CPU and Keyboard/Mouse activity shutdown.

Here are some of the key features of the AllOff Lite :

  • Optional 60 second CPU inactivity time before shutdown is initiated
  • Optional 900 second keyboard/mouse inactivity time before shutdown is initiated
  • Optional configurable fixed time shutdown initiation
  • Optional configurable fixed delay before shutdown is initiated
  • Power off computer when inactivity time has expired
  • 60 second period to cancel shutdown once initiated

You can download AllOff Lite from its website at JSUtils software. You can unzip the setup installer from the downloaded archive and double-click on the extracted file to start the installation. During the installation, you would be shown the options of what you want to be monitored. By default, Monitor processor, keyboard and mouse activity is selected and it is recommended that you choose this option.

AllOff Lite

When AllOff Lite runs for the first time, it asks for the registration code. You can get your free registration code from the download page of AllOff Lite. You will receive the registration code in your email. After the registration, you would be able to use AllOff Lite. The AllOff Lite application minimizes to the notification area (system tray). You can double-click on the notification area icon to view the main AllOff Lite window as shown.

AllOff Lite

In the AllOff Lite window, you can click on the Update button to immediately update the activity value. When your computer activty falls down to 0, the AllOff Lite window becomes visible, runs on top of all other windows and all buttons apart from Cancel are disabled. If the program was running in the system tray clicking cancel will return it to the system tray.

So if you often wake up in the middle of the night to see your computer is still turned on, then you would find this tool very useful. You can use it to shutdown or hibernate your computer when it is not being used. You can also set a fixed shutdown time to power off the system. You can download AllOff Lite its website at