FixBee Disk Optimizer : Clean and Defrag Your Hard Disk

We all know that after some time of regular use, the contents of a hard disk become fragmented. A fragmented hard disk takes a little longer to read and write the files located on it. This is why you should keep defragmenting your hard disk at regular intervals. You can use free FixBee Disk Optimizer to clean and defrag your hard disk. It can analyze your hard disk and tell you if it requires cleanup or defragmentation.

FixBee Disk Optimizer is a simple PC speedup tool which includes both drive cleanup and defrag features. FixBee uses advanced technology to optimize and cleans your computer in minutes. FixBee is available for Windows XP and above. You can download it from the FixBee’s website. The download is is a install stub which further downloads files from the internet. During the installation, it opts to install a toolbar which is not necessary for the application to work. You can skip installing the toolbar if you want to.

FoxBee Disk Optimizer

The main interface of the FixBee Disk Optimizer is very straightforward. There are three tabs – Disk Optimizer, Disk Cleaner and Settings. Under the Disk Optimizer you can click on the Scan button to start scanning your hard disk for fragments. If it is needed, you can also choose to defragment the hard disk. You would see the progress of degramentation process in the window. The Disk Cleaner tab has a scan button too. You can use this to clean junk files, temporary files and empty folders.

FoxBee Disk Optimizer

The Settings tab has options for scheduling automatic defragmentation and disk cleaning. You can also choose settings for Disk Cleaner as to which junk files should be scanned and cleaned. You can choose the cleaning method as well – permanent deletion or move to recycle bin.

If your computer is running slowly, FixBee can bring it back to speed in just a matter of minutes by getting rid of junk files and optimizing the registry. You can just install the application, scan your PC then fix the detected errors and you would be ready to go at optimized speed. You can download FixBee Disk Optimizer from


    1. me too have used it long back 8 years ago but now i cant get it so sad…
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