How to Manage Website Permissions in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox allows you to manage website permissions easily. You can allow or disallow one or more websites to store cookies, offline data, store passwords, open popups or ask for your geographical location. You can set these permissions either for a particular website or for all websites as the default setting. Here is how :

  1. In the Firefox window, type about:permissions in the location bar and press Enter.
  2. This would open a new tab or window (depending on your personal settings) titled Permissions Manager. In this window, you can select default settings for websites permissions in Firefox.

    Firefox Permissions

    For storing passwords, you can choose allow or block. For geolocation, you can choose ‘always ask’ or block. You can set cookie permissions to be blocked, allowed permanently or allowed for a session only. Similarly, you can choose offline storage and popup windows to be allowed or blocked.

  3. If you want to set the permissions for a particular website then click in it on the left side list and then set permissions. It also allows you to selectively managae already stored passwords and cookies for different websites. You can also clear all the permissions and reset all the settings to default by clicking on the Forget About This Site button in the top-right.

This new Firefox feature is going to be specially helpful for you if you are worried about the privacy policies of a website. Google has recently updates its privacy policy for all its services. I am sure this permissions feature in Firefox would be useful for those threatened by Google’s new privacy policy.