SpeedyFox – Make Firefox, Chrome and Thunderbird Faster

Both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome have emerged as two of the most popular web browsers in the last few years. People love to use them because they are fast and also have many security features. But if you want, then you can make it even faster with SpeedyFox application. SpeedyFox is a free Windows application which can be used to optimize your Firefox, Chrome and Thunderbird profile in order to make these applications faster.

You can download SpeedyFox from the CrystalIdea website. The download is available for both Windows and Mac. The download for Windows is only half a megabyte. SpeedyFox is a portable program so you do not have to install anything on your system. Just download the executable file and run on your computer. It would scan all the profiles for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Mozilla Thunderbird as shown.


At this point, you can select which profiles you want to optimize for speed. You can select one or more profiles, if you want to. After selecting the profiles, you can just click on the Optimize button. Of course, you have to close all these applications (Firefox, Chrome and Thunderbird) or SpeedyFox would not be able to do any optimization.


In general, SpeedyFox compacts the SQLite databases of your profiles for Firefox, Chrome or Thunderbird. This might make them a little faster to start up as it would take a shorter time to load the databases. Although, you can also attain a similar effect by creating a new Firefox profile or deleting and purging all your Firefox history, but SpeedyFox does it all without you having to clear any sort of browsing history.

So if you have a sluggish worn out Firefox installation which takes over 10 seconds to load, then you can use SpeedyFox to start it much more swiftly. It is a portable application and you can carry it around on your USB pen drive. It has a minimal, simple and straightforward interface and requires no technical knowledge to operate. You can use it to bring back the spark in your Firefox, Chrome or Thunderbird. You can find more information about SpeedyFox and download it from http://crystalidea.com/speedyfox.