Touchpad Blocker : Stop Accidental Taps to Laptop Touchpad

If you own a notebook or netbook then you know that how many times your accidentally touch the touchpad with your palm while typing something. This causes the mouse cursor to jump around the screen and turns the simple process of typing into a painful ordeal. Although you can control the sensitivity of the touchpad by adjusting the settings in the Control Panel, but it does not seem to work for all people. Thanks to the free Touchpad Blocker, now you can say goodbye to these extra high sensitive touchpad problems.

Free Touchpad Blocker is a free software designed by Ukrainian software developer Karpolan. The software can be used to block unintended taps and touches while you are typing something. This software is smart enough to determine the time difference between a tap on your touchpad and a consequent keystroke. If the time difference is very small, then it deduces the tap or click to be invalid and cancels it.

You can download the Touchpad Blocker from its website or from Karpolan’s site. The download is available in form of a ZIP archive or just as an EXE. The downloaded program is a setup installer. You need to install it on your system before you can use it. Just double-click on touchpad-blocker.exe to start the installation. The program launches automatically after the installation and you are ready to use it.

Touchpad Blocker

This installs a notification area icon on which you can right-click and choose an action. You can choose to toggle on or off the Touchpad Blocker by selecting Block accidental clicks. You can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F9 to switch it on or off. This is can be a problem for software programmers because some IDEs have this keyboard shortcut combination for other purposes. If you choose Settings from the right-click-menu, you would see the Settings window for Touchpad Blocker.

In the Settings, you can choose a custom keyboard shortcut combination instead of the default Ctrl + F9. You can choose to run this application at Windows startup, block taps and clicks, block move and wheel events, beep when an accidental tap is blocked etc. By default the time period to block clicks is 1/2 seconds. But you can customize it depending on your own experience with the sensitivity of your touchpad device. If the time between a keystroke on the keyboard and a consequent tap on the touchpad is smaller than or equal to this preset time interval, then Touchpad Blocker cancels the tap.

Touchpad Blocker

So if you have been forced to type slowly and very carefully because a little brush of your palm of elbow on the touchpad makes your mouse pointer crazy and fly around the screen, then you should install Touchpad Blocker. This freeware application is a must of all the notebook owners. You can download Touchpad Blocker from