Comodo Cloud : 5 GB Free Online Storage Space

If you are a smart internet user, then you know the importance of having some sort of online storage space. If you have all your important files only on your hard disk or some other backup removable disk and they get damaged, then you are doomed. But if you keep your data on an online storage, then it not only keeps your data safe but also lets you access it from multiple places like your home, office, school, hotel and more. You can sign up for any free online storage provider to start with. Recently, Comodo has also joined the competition of online storage solution providers by starting to offer a free 5GB online cloud storage space.

Comodo Cloud storage supports Windows operating system in addition to mobile platforms like Android. You can visit Google Play website to install Comodo Cloud client for Android devices. You can visit the Comodo Cloud website to download and install Comodo Cloud client for Microsoft Windows. The download size for Windows is around ten megabytes. After you have finished the installation, the first thing you should do is to sign up for a free Comodo Cloud account. If you are installing Comodo Cloud client in Windows, then you can click on the Create free account button in the final step to create a free account.

Comodo Cloud Storage

After the installation, you would see an extra 5GB disk in your computer – it is Comodo Cloud storage disk. By default it is assigned the drive letter X:. You can just copy, paste, delete files into this cloud disk and it would be automatically synced to your account at the Comodo Cloud servers. You can also right-click on any folder on your hard disk and choose Sync to Comodo Online Storage from the context menu to automatically sync it to your Comodo Cloud account. The synced folders show a yellow exclamation mark in their icons.

Comodo Cloud Storage

Comodo Client also shows a Drop Zone. If you drag and drop any file, folder, text snipper or bookmark in this zone, it will be automatically uploaded to your Comodo Cloud account. You may find the Drag Zone to be a little tricky – it appears only when you actually start dragging a file. Apart from various ways of accessing the storage by using the client, you can also access your Comodo Cloud account from a web browser. Just visit the Comodo Cloud webpage and sign in using your credentials. It would show the folders you have synced in its easy to use interface. The folders and files are also categorized as videos, images, music etc. so that you can easily find your files. The previews of some supported file types like JPEG, GIF, PNG etc. are shown when you click on the files. You can upload, move, delete and also share your files using the web interface.

Comodo Cloud Storage

Comodo Cloud storage is a nice and elegant online storage solution. You can access your files using your personal computer, web browser or Android device. For a free account, you get 5GB free cloud storage which is enough for everyday use. But if you want more space, then Comodo offers 250GB storage space for just $99.9/year or $9.99/month. You can find more information about this service and download Comodo Client from

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