Tunatic : Identify That Playing Song

Recently we posted an article about Audiggle – a free application to identify a song or music being played. Tunatic is another similar application which also can be used to identify a song or music currently being played. It can collect the data by listening to the music, sends it to the Tunatic server and may show you some information to identify the song. While Audiggle uses the popular Gracenote service to identify songs, Tunatic seems to use its own database for identification.

You can download and install it on your PC from the Tunatic website. The download is around 500 kilobytes only. The download is available for both Windows and Mac. Unlike the Audiggle application, it does not require you to log in. You can just start using it after the installation. If you have a firewall installed, make sure that you give permission for Tunatic to connect to the internet.

Tunatic - Music identification software

The first thing you would want to do is to adjust the settings of Tunatic. To do this, just right-click on the small purple Tunatic window and choose Settings. In the Settings window, you can choose how the Tunatic app is going to listen to the music being played. You can choose Line-In, Microphone or some other sound capture driver. For Tunatic to work, you should either connect the music output to the Line-In port of your PC or use a Microphone. You have to choose the settings accordingly.

Tunatic - Music identification software

Now is the time to start playing the music. You can play it on your PC, TV, radio etc. Just make sure the distance between microphone and the the source of music is not too much. Also if you can keep the noise down, then the results would be much better. I personally played a song on my mobile phone and then placed it near my headphone’s microphone. Now just click on the search button in the tiny Tunatic window. It would start identifying the song. The process may take from few seconds to around one minute. When it recognizes a song, it displays the artist’s name and the song’s name as shown.

Tunatic - Music identification software

Personally, I had a hard time making Tunatic identify the songs. I tried 5-6 well known songs and Tunatic could identify only “ABBA – Dancing Queen”. There were two incorrect identifcations. It may be due to the fact the Tunatic uses its own song identification database which may not have all the songs. Tunatic is a free music ID software and may help you out identifying songs. You can download it from WildBits website at http://www.wildbits.com/tunatic/.

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