GameSave Manager : Backup and Restore Game Saves

It is very frustrating when you have reached a certain level in a computer game and your hard disk crashes. Of course, you can install the game on a newer hard disk but all your game saves are gone and you have to play all the levels all over again. You can save from this kind of trouble by keeping a backup of your system. If you do not want to backup the entire hard disk, then GameSave Manager offers a solution. Using GameSave Manager, you can backup, restore and transfer gamesaves of hundreds of games.

GameSave Manager enables you to easily backup and restore your game saves. The program directly supports nearly 800 popular PC games, which can be backed up without having to manually configure the software. After an initial scan, the program presents you with a list of all supported games that were found on your computer, and you can then simply select the ones you want to backup. If your games is not directly supported, you can also add it manually by pointing the program to the location of the game save files.

You can download the GameSave Manager from its website. The download is available both as a setup installer and as a portable application. It supports all the 32-bit or 64-bit editions of Windows XP, Vista and 7. After the installation, when you run GameSave Manager for the first time, it scans your system for gamesaves for supported popular computer games. In the main window of GameSave Manager, you can select Backup Gamesave(s) to see which gamesaves are detected. To backup these games, just select one or more of the gamesaves in the list and click on the Backup Now button at the bottom of the window.

GameSave Manager

You can open the program settings by selecting Edit → Program Settings or by clicking on the Program Settings link on the left-bottom side of the GameSave Manager window. In the Program Settings, you can adjust all kinds of settings like enabling or disabling 7-Zip compression, Steam details (for Steam purchased games), file associations and more. You can also choose to upload the gamesaves to your DropBox cloud account or to an FTP server.

So if you love playing games on your computer, then GameSave Manager is a must for you. It can help you backup and restore all those gamesaves without worrying about which files and folders are to be backed up. You can also upload the gamesaves to your DropBox cloud account and share them with your friends. You can download GameSave Manager from