CapsUnlock : Prevent Accidental Turning On of Caps Lock

If your work involves typing on a regular basis, then you know how many times you press the Caps Lock or the Insert key on your keyboard by accident. The accidental turning on of the Caps Lock may result in your accidentally typing of documents with all capital letters. Similarly, the accidental pressing of the Insert key may enable the overwrite function in your text editor (like Microsoft Word) and you may end up typing over all your previous work. You can accidentally turn on the Caps Lock key while you were trying to press the left Shift key or the Tab key. Becuase these keys are used for many kinds of functions enabled through hotkeys, it is a common problem with many people. Now you can prevent such accidental key presses of the Caps Lock and the Insert keys using a free tool called CapsUnlock.

CapsUnlock is a small free tool that will help you automatically turn off your Caps Lock key if you have accidentally turned on the Caps Lock. This means that even if you accidentally turned on the Caps Lock key, it will be automatically turned off immediately – preventing you from type all of your document in capital letters and of course, saving your precious time you would have wasted in re-typing that document. CapsUnlock also helps your from accidental pressing of the Insert key.

You can download CapsUnlock from the BrainSystems website. The download is available as a setup installer. The download is around a tiny 33 kilobytes. It supports all the versions of Windows. After the installation, it would appear in the notification area (system tray) of your Windows. You can right-click on the notification area icon and a context-menu would pop-up as shown.

CapsUnlock - Prevent Accidental Caps Locks

In the context menu, you can choose to enable or disable the Caps Lock or enable or disable Insert key. You can also enable or disable the Shift key override. If you enable the Shift key override, then if you press the Caps Lock – it would allow CapsUnlock to be switched on and off by holding down the left Shift key while pressing CapsLock.

If you have selected the Disable CapsLock function, then it would run in the background and monitor all the key presses on your keyboard. If you press the Caps Lock key on your keyboard, then it would automatically turn off the Caps Lock key. The only way to turn on the Caps Lock key is to use the override function – press the left Shift key and while holding it, press the Caps Lock key.

Unfortunately, the CapsUnlock application does not come with an uninstaller. If you want to uninstall this application, you will have to manually perform all the steps. First of all, you have to exit the application from its notification area icon context-menu. Then open the %ProgramFiles% folder and delete the CapsUnlock sub-folder.

CapsUnlock is a tiny and useful utility for all the Windows users who have to do the typing work almost everyday. It can help you from accidental turning on of Caps Lock and the Insert keys. You can download CapsUnlock from