Xleaner : Effectively Clean Up Junk Files from Hard Disk

These days you can get very large capacity hard disks in the order of mutltiple terabytes at a very resonable price. This means that storage space has become cheaper and larger for everyone. So most people do not care about the junk files lying around on their hard disks. But even if you have such a large hard disk that you do not have to worry about space, still not cleaning those junk files poses a risk to your privacy. Some of those junk files contain data that can be traced to know what you browsed on the internet and which files you opened on your hard disk using various programs. If you care about keeping your private life private, then you can clean up all these junk files and tracks using the free Xleaner application.

Xleaner is a free Windows application developed by MoreThanACleaner.de. It can help you clear garbage files from your hard disk as well as the tracks of your activity resulting from your browsing the web, such as cookies, browsing history, cache, passwords, computer memory etc. and Windows recent files, run history, open/save documents and more. It is available for all the versions of Windows starting from Windows 98 to Windows 7.

Xleaner - Clean Junk Files

Xleaner comes as a portable application and you do not have install it. Just extract the contents of the downloaded ZIP archive to a folder and run Xleaner.exe from there. The main interface of Xleaner application is simple very and straightforward. In the listbox it shows a list of cleaning tasks which would be run during the cleanng process. To start the cleaning process all you have to do is to click on the Run Cleaner button in the left side.

You can also customize which tasks are to be performed during the cleaning process. To do so click on the Options button on the left side which would open the Options window. In the Options window, you can switch to different tabs at the bottom – shown for different categories. There are many such categorial tabs like Windows, Browser and Office along with many sub-categories. You can choose all the tasks under a category or sub-categories by checking the Select All Tasks checkbox. In the Settings section you can choose to start Xleaner with Windows, play an audible alert when cleaning is complete, choose secure deletion methods and more.

Xleaner - Clean Junk Files

Xleaner usually can reach out and clean the files that even the popular software CCleaner cannot seem to touch. So if you want to keep your computer clean and eliminate your computer usage and web browsing tracks, then just use Xleaner. It is portable, free and supports even older Windows systems. You can download Xleaner from its website at http://www.morethanacleaner.de/.