Zamzar : Convert Document, Image and Video Formats Online

Sometimes you have to edit a document but you cannot edit it always unless you invest in some expensive software. For example, PDF documents cannot be edited without Adobe PDF Editor which costs a fortune and spending that much money for just editing one file is just insane. There is a workaround – you can convert that document to a format that you can edit easily. For example, you can convert PDF document to a MS Word document which can be edited easily using the free Open Office software. You can Zamzar free online service to convert your documents, images, videos and other file formats quickly.

Zamzar can be used in many different ways. The easiest way to convert a file type is to visit the Zamzar website. The Zamzar website shows a four step conversion method. In the first step you have to browse a file from your computer. The files you browse are automatically selected for conversion. You can select more than one file, provided they all have same file extension. Next you have to select the target file format from the drop down list. Then enter your email address where the link of the converted files would be sent. Finally click on the convert button to queue your files for conversion. The conversion does not take place immediately, you will receive an email containing the links to download converted files after some time.

Zamzar - Convert Document Formats Online

Another method to convert files using Zamzar is by sending them an email with your files as attachment. You have to send that email to, where the format is the target file format extension. For example, if your want to convert a PDF document file to MS Word (.doc extension), then send the email with that file as attachment to You would soon receive an email reply with a link to the converted file.

Zamzar - Convert Document Formats Online

The third way to convert file formats using the Zamzar online service is by using the Zamzar button in your web browser. You can find this button on Zamzar website at To add this button to your web browser’s bookmarks bar, just drag this button to the bookmarks toolbar. Now when you are on a webpage that has embedded videos, audios or links to document files, just click on this shortcut button in the bookmarks toolbar. This would automatically take you to the Zamzar website with all the file information filled in. All you have to do is select the output file format, fill out the email address and click on the Convert button.

Zamzar - Convert Document Formats Online

Earlier it used to be that you had to download one or more tools and install them on your computer to convert file formats and some of them did not even work. Now you can quickly convert your files into a different format using the free Zamzar online service. It allows you to convert all kinds of documents, images, videos and audio files easily and quickly. You can start converting your documents using Zamzar by visiting

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