Ubuntu One Free Cloud Storage for Windows

Ubuntu Linux users are well acquainted with Ubuntu One cloud storage service from Canonical. Ubuntu One used to be available only for Ubuntu Linux users, but now they have released a Windows desktop client making it accessible to all the Microsoft Windows users. Ubuntu One offers 5 gigabytes of free storage space. You can pay for an upgrade to 20 gigabytes if you think 5 gigabytes does not meet your requirements. Ubuntu One offers clients for Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Android and iPhone.

Ubuntu One desktop client for Windows works much like any other cloud service client. You can download it from the Ubuntu One website. Their website automatically detects if you are using Windows, Linux or some other OS and shows a relevant download link. The Ubuntu One client download for Windows is around 23 megabytes. After the installation, you would be shown Ubuntu One client window where you can either sign up for a new account or login using your existing account. You can sign up for a new account from within this Ubuntu One client and is very easy process.

Ubuntu One for Windows

Once you have logged into your Ubuntu One account, the next step is to choose folders that you want to be synced with Ubuntu One cloud service. By default, Ubuntu One automatically selects the Documents, Music and Pictures folders from your user profile. You can add as many folders as you want but you cannot add folders residing outside your user profile folder for security reasons.

Ubuntu One for Windows

Now you are all setup to use Ubuntu One cloud service from your Windows desktop. Running in the background, Ubuntu One cloud client automatically keeps the selected folders in sync with their cloud counterparts. Ubuntu One client creates a folder named Ubuntu One in your user profile which always stays in sync with your Ubuntu One cloud account. If you copy something in this folder, it automatically gets synchronized to your cloud folder.

You can open the Ubuntu One dashboard by right-clicking on its notification area (system tray) icon and choosing Restore. In the Ubuntu One dashboard, you can add more folders to be synced. You can see how many devices are registered with your Ubuntu One account. You can choose upload and download bandwidth limits and various file sync settings.

Ubuntu One for Windows

If you want to share files inside your Ubuntu Cloud storage with public, then you will have to open the Ubuntu One web interface. You can find the link to open the web site in the folders section of the Ubuntu One dashboard. The web interface of the Ubuntu One allows you to download files, delete files, publish files and share them with anyone you want. You can also stop publishing a file at any later stage.

Ubuntu One for Windows

Ubuntu One has opened its doors to all the Windows users. It is offering a free 5 gigabytes of storage space. You can install Ubuntu One cloud clients on Windows, Ubuntu Linux, Android, iOS and keep them synced. If your file requirements ever grow more than the free 5 gigabytes limit, then you can buy more space. You can also use their music streaming service to listen to your music collection on Android or iPhone devices. You can download Ubuntu One desktop client for Windows from its website at https://one.ubuntu.com/downloads/windows/.

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