Ginger : Check Your Spelling and Grammar in Multiple Applications

As an article writer for, I know that no matter how many times you go through a document looking for spelling mistakes, some of the misspelled words always escape the eye. Of course, you can use the in-built spell checkers for applications like Microsoft Word but they do not work in other applications like your web browsers. Free Ginger spell checker presents a versatile solution for checking your spellings and grammatical mistakes for multiple applications including Microsoft Office (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint), Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Ginger is an intelligent spell checker. Ginger recognizes words in context and provides the most appropriate corrections for spelling and grammar mistakes according to the intended meaning of your sentence. Ginger can tell when a correctly spelled word is misused and replaces it with the right word. Ginger is available as an individual add-on for Internet Explorer, Mozila Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. You can also download the full Ginger package which contains plugins for Microsoft Office and extensions for the aforementioned browsers.

I suggest that you download the full Ginger package which is around 11 megabytes in size. It would install all the necessary plugins for Microsoft Office and extensions various browsers. After the installation, you would notice a notification area icon which lets you choose between two flavors of English – English (US) and English(UK).

Basically, you can use Ginger spell checker in two ways. One way is to select the text you want to check for spelling and grammar, and then press the F2 key on your keyboard. You can also click the Ginger drawer at the top of the screen. Ginger will start checking the text and will prompt you when errors are detected.

Ginger : Check Your Spelling and Grammar

You can click on the Approve button to approve the corrected spelling and grammar. You can also click on a corrected word and choose whether you want to correct it, choose a different correction or leave it as it is.

The second way of using Ginger spell checker is similar to Microsoft Word spell checker. As you type in Microsoft Word(or in any other supported application), Ginger dynamically keeps checking the misspellings and incorrect grammar, and underlines the possible mistakes. Ginger uses a green dotted line as opposed to popular red dotted line to mark the misspelled words. You can now right-click on these words and choose a correct spelling.

Ginger : Check Your Spelling and Grammar

Microsoft Office, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome all have their in-built basic spell checkers. But if you want to use a good quality spell checker for Internet Explorer that goes far beyond a basic spell checker and also intelligently corrects the grammatical mistakes, then you should install free Ginger spell checker. It works on Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and 7. You can download it from