How to Set Your Own Pictures as Gmail Background

It would not be a exaggeration if I say that Gmail is the best email service in the world. They give virtually infinite storage space for your emails, access from email clients and tons of other features that make your life easier. So far Gmail had allowed you to customize the look and feel of Gmail’s web interface by choosing a background picture from a gallery of themes. But now Gmail has gone a step further, and allows you to use your own pictures as Gmail background. Here is how you can set your own pictures as Gmail background :

  1. Open Gmail in your browser. Click on the gear like icon on the top-right and select Themes from the dropdown menu as shown.

    Set Your Own Pictures as Gmail Background

  2. On your Gmail Themes page, scroll down and click on either Light or Dark themes shown under Custom Themes as shown.

    Set Your Own Pictures as Gmail Background

  3. This would popup a Select your background image window where you can select a background picture from featured images, upload photos from your hard disk, use photos from your mobile phone or paste the URL of a picture available on the internet.

    Set Your Own Pictures as Gmail Background

  4. After choosing or uploading a picture that you like, you can click on the Select button at the bottom of the Select your background image popup window. This would set your chosen picture as Gmail’s background.

By setting your own custom image in Gmail as its background, you can personalize Gmail even more. You can upload and use pictures of your family, friends and loved ones to be used as Gmail background. You can also choose a background from Featured images section which contains high quality photos taken by professional photographers.

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