How to Start Windows Faster Using StartUpLite

After a few months of having used your brand new computer, you realize that you have installed many applications in Windows and there are many apps being started on Windows startup. These programs, which automatically start at every Windows logon, make it load slower. Sure you can use a tool like MSConfig or Autoruns and disable some of the apps from being starting at logon, but do you really know which programs you have to disable? The leading anti-malware software company Malwarebytes has come forward with a solution – StartUpLite. StartUpLite is a freeware Windows application that automatically determines which auto-starting programs are unnecessary and allows you to disable them.

StartUpLite provides a safe, easy, and efficient way to eliminate unnecessary applications that start when you turn on your computer. By disabling or removing unnecessary entries, StartUpLite can dramatically shorten your startup time with just a few clicks of the mouse. Now you can stop waiting for your computer to load Windows and start using your computer.

You can download StartUpLite from the Malwarebytes website. The download is a mere 200 kilobytes in size. It is a portable standalone application and you do not require to install anything. Just double-click on the downloaded file and StartUpLite would be running. It would automatically detect all your startup entries and match them with its internal database to find out which of them are unnecessary. A list of unnecessary startup items would be displayed.

Start Windows Faster Using StartUpLite

In the list of found unnecessary startup items, you can choose whether you want to disable an item, remove it or want to take no action. By default, Malwarebytes StartUpLite automatically selects the Disable action for all the detected items. Once you have gone through the list and selected an appropriate action for each item, then you can click on the Continue button to apply the selected actions.

Start Windows Faster Using StartUpLite

If everything goes okay, you would see a message box saying that all actions have been executed. As one can expect, the changes would take place after you restart your Windows. Next time when you start Windows, it should take a shorter time to load.

Later if you want to re-enable the disabled items, then all you have to is run StartUpLite again and click on the Re-enable link on the top. This would open MSConfig utility using which you can enable the disabled startup items.

Although there are many startup manager applications available on the internet, but Malwarebytes StartUpLite takes a different approach. It does not leave the decision to be made on the user, but it automatically detects which application are unnecessary by itself. Now a user can choose to disable them or not. It is a freeware tool and works on all the versions of Windows. You can download it from