Big G Black Bar Sorter : Rearrange Google Black Bar in Chrome

The Google black bar is the black colored navigation bar shown on top on most of the Google websites like Google search, Gmail, Google Maps and so on. This navigation bar contains shortcuts to various other Google services and makes it easy for you to hop from one Google site to another. This navigation bar is fixed and you cannot rearrange its various shortcuts or options. But if you are a Google Chrome browser user, then you can use the Big G Black Bar Sorter extension to rearrange the shortcuts in the black bar.

The Big G Black Bar Sorter extension allows you to customize the order of the options in the new redesigned Google black bar. Once you have installed this extension, you would notice that you are able to drag the options in the Google’s black bar to any position you want. You can drag and drop options from the main bar to the More drop down menu as well. Similarly, you can drag options from the More drop down menu to the main bar.

If you cannot find your favorite options either in the main black bar or the dropdown menu, then you can click on the Even more link in the drop down menu. This would open a page with links to all the Google products and services. The Big G Black Bar Sorter extension adds a new button Add to Black Bar under all the Google products. You can click on this button under a product to add that product or service to the Google’s black bar.

Rearrange Google Black Bar in Chrome

This addon has no options or settings that you can customize and is very simple to use. It is able to help you customize the order of options in the Google Black Bar not only on the main google site, but also on various localized Google domains like,, etc. So if you are a Chrome user who desires a little bit of customization of the Google’s black bar, then you should get hold of this quick, tiny and efficient extension for Chrome. You can download and install this extension from