Check System Security with Webroot System Analyzer

Most of us are clueless about how to properly secure our computers against hackers and malware attacks. We usually install an antivirus product on our system and stay happy thinking that we are secure. But there are tiny security loopholes that might be left open for the cybercriminals to break in. This is where Webroot System Analyzer comes in. It is a portable system information tool which can quickly detect potential security problems on your computer.

Webroot System Analyzer is a free application for Windows that helps you detect risky security problems on your computer. Some of these problems can easily be overlooked by an ordinary user but can later pause a big threat to your system security. Webroot System Analyzer enlists all these problems so that you an take an appropriate action for all those problems.

You can download Webroot System Analyzer from the WebRoot web site. It requires you to supply your name and telephone before you can download this tool. The download is a standalone application of around 669 kilobytes in size. After downloading the file, you can double-click on it to run it. Then click on the Begin Analysis button to start the analysis.

Webroot System Analyzer

It would analyze your hardware, software installed, running processes and other system settings. The analysis is very quick and finished in only 60 seconds. After the analysis is over, results are shown in a simple scrollable list. The worst problems are shown at the top, followed by not-so-bad problems and finally good information is shown at the end of the list. You can click on the View Full Report button to see the full report which is shown in Notepad as a text file.

Webroot System Analyzer

In the full report you would find detailed information about your computer’s hardware, login session, user accounts, installed security software (antivirus, antispyware and firewall), disk drives, Windows experience ratings, Windows Update settings, system crashes, cookies, Internet Explorer settings etc. It would also show a comprehensive list of all the running processes as well as the services.

Webroot System Analyzer is not for the beginners, but can provide thorough information about your system hardware and security settings. It is very fast in scanning your computer and can be very helpful if you are trying to figure out what is making your system slow. It is a portable application, so you do not need to install or uninstall anything. You can put it on your USB key and use on any Windows computer.

You can download Webroot System Analyzer from