Cyber-D Anti-Screensaver : Prevent Screensaver While Watching TV and Video

I have a TV tuner card and I often enjoy watching TV shows like Supernatural on my PC. Usually I have to disable the screensaver before I could watch TV shows or videos on my PC. This is because if your screensaver is enabled, it starts after a few minutes in the middle of your TV show or video and spoils the fun. If this sounds familiar to you, then Cyber-D Anti-Screensaver can help you out. Cyber-D Anti-Screensaver is a small tool that helps you prevent the screensaver from launching when you are busy watching videos, movies or TV shows on your PC.

Cyber-D Anti-Screensaver prevents the screensaver from showing up when you are on a certain website (for example, Dailymotion or YouTube), watching TV shows in your TV tuner application like Dscaler or watching a video in your favorite video player. You have to enter the window (partial or full) title of the application that you are using to watch your video. As long any window with that title is open, Anti-Screensaver would prevent the screensaver from launching so that you can enjoy movies, TV shows and vidoes without any interruption.

You can download Cyber-D Anti-Screensaver from its website. The download is around 2 megabytes in size. The downloaded file is a setup installer. After you have installed it on your system, you can run it from its Start Menu shortcut. After starting, it minimizes to the system tray (notification area). You can click on this notification area icon to bring up the main Anti-Screensaver window.

Cyber-D Anti-Screensaver

To add an application’s window title, click on the Add button. It would open a small dialog window where you can enter the partial or full title of the target window’s title. If you enter a wrong title or the title of an application window that is not running, then you would see a warning which you can bypass. It is recommended that you run the target application before trying to add its title to the Anti-Screensaver.

Cyber-D Anti-Screensaver

You can toggle on or off the Anti-Screensaver app by clicking on the ON button in its window near the top-left corner. If you have turned it on, then it would now prevent the screensaver from being launched while the window with the selected title is active and running. Anti-Screensaver performs this task by sending a keystroke every minute so that Windows keeps thinking that you are not idle and are still using the computer and so will not launch the screensaver.

Cyber-D Anti-Screensaver is one of those tools that are small in size but provide a huge level of comfort to us. Using this tool you can watch videos on your computer without worrying about disabling the screensaver. It simulates keystrokes and keeps the screensaver from being launched. You can download it from

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