How to Disable Autofill in Google Chrome

Google Chrome, like most other web browsers, has an Autofill feature which saves the information you enter in various forms on websites. The information saved can range from your full name, age, address, phone number to even credit card numbers. The Autofill feature saves this information so that you do not have to type this over and over again. Next time you fill up a form, the required information is automatically filled using the previously saved information. But this poses a security and privacy issue – just anybody who can use your computer can view what information you have previously entered including your personal and financial information. So if you share your computer, then it is a good idea that you disable the Autofill feature in Google Chrome. Here is how you can disable Autofill feature in the Google Chrome browser.

  1. Open your Chrome browser. Click on the gear like icon on the top-right corner and select Settings from the menu that appears as shown.

    Disable Autofill in Google Chrome

  2. In the Settings window, type autofill in the search box on the top-left. This would highlight all the entries related to the autofill feature. Uncheck the checkbox labeled Enabled Autofill to fill out web forms in a single click under the Passwords and forms section as shown.

    Disable Autofill in Google Chrome

  3. That’s it. You have successfully disabled the Autofill feature in Chrome. You do not have to click on any OK button to save the settings. You can just close the Settings tab and start using Google Chrome.

While the Autofill feature in Google Chrome browser is one of the best among the auto-complete features in various browsers, it may pose a security and privacy risk if you share your computer with others. It is better to turn this Autofill feature off and manually type in your information everytime it is required.