How to Insert Your Image or Signature in PDF Files

Many times we have to sign some PDF documents and email them back to the senders. The usual way of doing this is to take a printout of those documents, sign them using a pen and then scan them back in your computer using a scanner. But this is a very lengthy process and if you do not have a printer or scanner, then you are pretty much stuck. Thanks to free PDF XChange Viewer, now you can copy and paste any image, your photograph or your signature into a PDF file without requiring any other tools or hardware. Here is how :

  1. First of all you need PDF XChange Viewer which is free to download and use. Download and install it on your Windows computer if you have not already done so. Then double-click on the target PDF file you want to insert images into. This would open the target PDF file in the PDF XChange Viewer.
  2. Double-click on your photograph file that you want to insert in the PDF file. If you open this image file in Microsoft Paint, then press Ctrl + A to select all of the image and then press Ctrl + C to copy the image to clipboard. In most of the image viewer programs similar options are available to copy the image. For example, in the IrfanView image viewer you can select Edit → Copy from the menubar.

    Insert Your Image or Signature in PDF Files

  3. Switch back to the target PDF file opened in the PDF XChange Viewer and press the key combination Ctrl + V to paste the image into the PDF file. Alternatively, you can select Edit → Paste from the menubar. Now you would see the pasted image on the PDF file. You can drag it around to reposition it and resize it by dragging its corners.

    Insert Your Image or Signature in PDF Files

  4. When you are satisfied with the results, click on the Save button in the toolbar to save the PDF document. Alternatively, you can also press the keyboard combination Ctrl + S to save the PDF file.

    Insert Your Image or Signature in PDF Files

  5. This would save the image inside the PDF file with its size and location set by you. You can use this method to insert your photographs, signatures and other kinds of images in PDF files.

So if you are tired of using your printer and scanner just to sign a document and send it online to others, then its time to give them a rest. You can use free PDF XChange Viewer to insert all kinds of images like your photographs, signatures, logos etc. You can download free PDF XChange Viewer from