AVG Secure Search : Search and Surf Web Safely

Gone are the days when virus used to spread through infected floppy disks (actually floppy disks are gone too). Today most of the malware infection instances occur through your web browser – the application that you use most of the time when using the internet. Some malicious websites are designed to attack you as soon as you open them. There are drive-by downloads which automatically install malware on your PC as soon as you open an attack page. The only way to stay safe on the internet is to visit only the safer and secure sites. You can use AVG Secure Search in your browser which labels all the links in a search result to tell you which of them are safe and which are unsafe to visit.

The makers of the popular free AVG antivirus have come up with another free product – AVG Secure Search. It is a browser plugin for Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox that filters malicious or harmful websites and links from your search results. It can show you ratings for all the links that appear when you search for something using AVG Secure Search. During the installation, you are given options to install the AVG Secure toolbar in your browser. It also gives you option to set your browser’s homepage to a AVG Secure Search which is basically a customized Google search page.

AVG Secure Search

When you search for something using the AVG Secure Search webpage, it shows the links to dangerous sites with a red alert icon while the risky websites are labeled with a yellow alert icon. All the good and safe sites are labeled with a green checkmark. Although AVG Secure Search is powered by Google, these features are not available if you try to search for something using Google or Yahoo! by yourself.

AVG Secure Search

Apart from the security features of AVG Secure Search toolbar, it also has some goodies. It allows you to clean browser history, download history and cookies right from the toolbar. You can check weather by clicking on the weather icon in the toolbar. You can quickly run the internet speed test, open Facebook, open Windows Notepad, Calculator, Windows Explorer and more.

AVG Secure Search

AVG Secure Search makes it easy for you to get in the habit of visiting only the safer sites. All you have to do is stay away from the sites marked with red dangerous label or the yellow risky label. Not only AVG Secure Search shows the safety ratings for the search results but it also shows the safety rating for a site you are visiting in the browser and prevents you to visit a dangerous web site. This way you can easily keep yourself safe.

You can download AVG Secure Search plugin from http://www.avg.com/us-en/secure-search.